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Herbal Bath Oil

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Enrich your bathing ritual with this nourishing herbal bath oil.

A soothing blend of jojoba, hemp and castor oil infused with dried lavender and rosemary and their essential oils.

*Clear Quartz • Rose Quartz • Amethyst Crystals*

100ml glass pump bottle.

Ingredients: jojoba oil* • hemp oil* • castor oil* • lavender essential oil* • rosemary essential oil* • dried lavender buds* • dried rosemary*

*denotes certified organic

Not for internal use.

Patch test first.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Please note:

  • SOW products are not for internal use
  • Our products contain essential oils, some of which should not be used if pregnant
  • Citrus essential oils should be used one hour prior to sun exposure
  • Our products & information are for general health & wellness - not to be substituted for prescribed medication or medical advice
  • Although our products use natural & organic ingredients, they are not Certified Organic