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Full Moon Magnesium Oil

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Our Full Moon Magnesium Oil is for those of us who need some chill vibes during this intense phase of the moon or anytime we have a lot going on or are feeling stressed.

Magical mineral, magnesium chloride is blended by hand in small batches with organic rosehip oil and aloe vera, creating a powerfully clearing and soothing sea spray.

Great for sensitive skin and can also reduce the appearance of scars.

Spray on daily to soothe tension, boost magnesium stores and aid with restful sleep.

*Clear Quartz & Reiki Infused*

A slight itch or sting is normal when magnesium deficient, continued use will alleviate this.

Wash off after 20mins if irritation continues.

Not for internal use.

Patch test first.

Avoid broken skin.


Magnesium Chloride • Distilled Water • Aloe Vera* • Rosehip Oil*

*denotes certified organic ingredients

Please note:

  • SOW products are not for internal use
  • Our products contain essential oils, some of which should not be used if pregnant
  • Citrus essential oils should be used one hour prior to sun exposure
  • Our products & information are for general health & wellness - not to be substituted for prescribed medication or medical advice
  • Although our products use natural & organic ingredients, they are not Certified Organic