Our Values

Sustainably Sourced

Here at SOW we’re committed to minimising any negative impact on our gracious Mother Earth throughout our business and personal lifestyle choices.

This means that we source our ingredients for SOW products from Australian companies with the shared value of sustainability and from partners around the world that maintain ethical practices.

All the products we list are created by companies and sole traders that, like us, consciously curate their offerings with the environment and a bright future for all, front of mind.

Natural | Organic | Low-Tox

No greenwashing here!

These values go hand in hand for us and we’ll break down exactly what we mean by them below.

Natural - probably the most overused and abused word in marketing health and wellness. When we say natural, we mean it. Products and ingredients sourced from nature, that hasn’t been tampered with, so maintains its therapeutic value.

Organic - products and pure ingredients that hold certification to show they have not been sprayed with harmful pesticides like round-up and do not contain any preservatives, additives or fillers.

Low-Tox - products and ingredients that do not have dangerous chemicals (from natural or synthetic origins).

The research we’ve personally done in these areas is extensive and we are always staying up to date and learning/relearning.

We always encourage you to do your own research and recommend the EWG, a NFP that provides an easy to use database with real science through third party studies.

Handcrafted In Small Batches

Handcrafting SOW products in small batches is a ceremonial and meditative practice.

Each product is infused with the intention to enhance our innate abilities of self-healing and experiencing the beauty contained in the quiet moments when running a bath, lathering soap and applying oil to your feet before bed.

Crafting in small batches also ensures our products are made to the highest standards of health and safety for all. 

Gratitude Practice:

Every month on the New Moon we donate 10% of our profits to grassroots, environmental and humanitarian efforts.

We decided to choose a different recipient each month to spread the love and gratitude around and it also gives us an opportunity to share about those we donate to.

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We aim to have 100% plastic free & compostable packaging where possible by 2022.

In the meantime, we are reusing the packaging we have saved from the landfill through business & personal orders. Remember ♻️ reuse comes before recycle.

Our hampers are all posted in beautiful compostable bags as these are often ordered as gifts that can be posted directly to the special recipient.