Our Story

SOW Seeds of Wellness was founded by Noeriin in 2018 to share handcrafted magnesium, bath and body products made with simple, natural and organic ingredients that nourish body, mind and senses.

My own journey to wellness through learning alternative, natural ways to heal from eczema, mental health, bulimia and a back injury is where SOW was born.

That seed planted in me a desire to share the vision of soul guided health and wellness for all that does no harm, to ourselves, future generations, our gracious Mother Earth and all her creatures.

The vision of making intentional, informed, sovereign and empowered choices about creating a life of abundance that filters out to impact the collective.

In 2021, SOW has grown organically to become a partnership with my love, Paul joining the team and expanding our product range to include those products that have been essential in our individual health and wellness journeys.

We are sow excited to share our collection of consciously curated products with you as well as resources and our own insights. And for you to get used to my dry humour :)

It is our intention that you enjoy exploring our site and feel free to connect with us through our contact page or Instagram if you're ever in need of support on your own journey.

Be Well

Noeriin x