Dry Brushing 101

Dry brushing is an age old wellness ritual that dates back to Ancient Egypt and India, still widely practiced in Ayurveda traditions.

The surge in popularity in the health and beauty community over the last decade is greater than a passing trend and testament to the amazing benefits this simple wellness ritual reaps.

Benefits of dry brushing:
• Activate lymphatic system
• Aid digestion
• Boost metabolism
• Enhance detoxification system
• Improve skin health and appearance
• Increase blood circulation
• Tones muscles and reduces cellulite

Tips for your dry brushing ritual:
• Use a brush with natural fibres like our Eco Max Dry Body Brush
• Practice this ritual in the morning to reap its energizing effects
• Boost your practice by moisturizing with castor oil before brushing and leave it on for 20mins while keeping warm in a sauna or a sheltered spot in the sun

How to dry brush:
• Start at your feet
• Gently brush towards your heart with long slow strokes
• Make sure your strokes are light
• Use overlapping strokes to ensure even coverage
• When you reach your arms start at your fingers
• Brush in clockwise circles around your bellybutton on your stomach
• Give extra love to your armpits to amplify your body's detoxification system
• Go gently around your breasts
• Finish up on your chest or back still brushing towards the heart
• Rinse off in a cold or lukewarm shower

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